IMS focuses on synthetic skin technologies

to empower new product development for our Customers

Our Culture

Empowering New Product Development for our Customers

The IMS division focuses on synthetic skin technologies to empower new product development of our customers. We see ourselves as a resource, an extension of your organization. As an integral part of FSTI, the team has the expertise, passion and commitment to expand on the success enjoyed by IMS’s twenty years of excellence. Visit for a broader understanding of the company as a whole.

Our History

John P. Sottery

Dr. John P. Sottery founded IMS in 1992 with the purpose of designing new technologies to empower global product development organizations. Perfecting the various in vitro methods and skin-like materials, he interfaced with some of the most innovative R&D teams in the world. In 2019, John aligned himself with Florida Suncare Testing, Inc and sold the IMS technologies to the Bunnell-based clinical and analytical laboratory. An ideal complement to FSTI, IMS operates as a division providing VITRO-SKIN® offerings and advanced pre-clinical testing services.


Rapid & Predictive

VITRO-SKIN® is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin. It has been formulated to have topography, pH, critical surface tension, chemical reactivity and ionic strength that is similar to human skin.


An In Vitro Skin Model

VITRO-CORNEUM® is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the thickness, visco-elasticity, chemical reactivity and surface properties of human stratum corneum. It can be used to demonstrate the hydration and moisturization properties of personal care products and raw materials in vitro.


Rapid Evaluation of Nail rototypes

A Realistic, Highly-Reproducible Substrate for Testing and Optimizing Nail Enamels!
-advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the wetting properties, thickness, flexibility and chemical reactivity of human fingernails.

-rapid evaluation of prototype nail formulations including spreading, dry time, color, gloss, flexibility, durability and resistance to chipping.


In Vitro SPF Testing

Highly Predictive

Highly Predictive Data – In vitro SPF and UVA measurements are performed with our proprietary VITRO-SKIN® substrate. This substrate delivers a superior correlation with in vivo testing, versus the commonly used PMMA Plates and 3M Transpore Tape.

Rapid Results – In vitro SPF and UVA results usually provided within one week of sample receipt. Expedited testing may be available upon phone call request before sample receipt.


Our Team

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Complete Starter Kit

-One IMS in vitro SPF/UVA testing protocol
-Two 22 cm x 27 cm (8.5″ x 10.5″) sheets of VITRO-SKIN®
-Four 6 cm x 6 cm sample holders
-Two 35 mm reference holders
-One plastic hydration chamber with two mesh shelves and a spacer
-One plastic covered foam block (to simulate the flexibility of the human dermis)
-Twelve latex finger cots

In Vitro

Water Resistance Method

Are you working to develop Suncare products that deliver superior water resistance performance? Are you responsible for developing new water resistance raw materials and formulation technology? Do you wish that there was a rapid in vitro water resistance method that correlated with in vivo testing?


Specialized Photostability Testing

We have developed an in vitro spectroscopy method for evaluating the photostability of sunscreens using VITRO-SKIN® and a solar simulator as a pre-irradiation light source. With this configuration we can control both the intensity and the spectral distribution (UVA / UVB) of the light source and study their impact on the photostability of sunscreen products.