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This website features lectin-free and lectin-conscious cooking demonstrations. It is created for individuals who are looking for mouthwatering recipes that fit alternative nutritional lifestyles. It is also for individuals who are satisfied with their current nutritional lifestyle, but look for a fresh take on recipes. Our goal is to create wholesome, delicious, and lectin-conscious dishes and pair them with wines that bring out the flavors in this dish. Our goal is also to use ingredients that support healthy gut bacteria and that give your body steady energy throughout the day. We created the recipes keeping in mind various taste preferences from Vegetarians to Meat Lovers.

We will drop a new video each Monday. Our videos also feature fitness, wine and food pairing, cooking techniques, and more. Explore our website for additional information on everything you need to know about a lectin-conscious lifestyle!

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Important notice: The channel is for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you have a medical concern, please discuss with your doctor, nutritionist, or other appropriate professional who is knowledgeable of your health concerns to find out whether this nutritional lifestyle choice is for appropriate for you at this time.

*10% members only discount applies to all merchandise featured on this website and excludes our separate Bonfire T-shirt store.

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